Tuesday Tag-Along

It's Tuesday Tag-Along!
If you are from TTA WELCOME check out my SWEET website Ulailas Cake Shop! I am a fashionista at heart that decided to implement it into my cakes. I work a full time job, Diva of a cake decorator, mother & a wife! My blog is still in the process of a facelift but, always come back I host awesome giveaways & post FUNKY, CRAZY & COOL FASHIONISTA custom CAKES!


Friday Favorites!

Yes I am back...:)
Friday Favorite is my new favorite VINYL store:

Mommy's Idea
Sisilia Iongi is the creative,silly and talented mastermind of SILLY VINYL! We Talofa Teine Jewelry and I invited her to the open house a couple of weeks ago and can I just say she is the cutest thing ever she is all smiles.The name is so fitting she is an amazing mother with TRIPLETS...yes you heard it right TRIPLETS..haha! I am looking forward to doing business with her. If you need to spice up your house, gift, car etc. she is the ONE STOP SILLY shop for you! So head on over to her blog and check out her amazing work DON'T forget to grab her cute new & fierce button!
My name is Sisilia 'Iongi, I started this vinyl thing back in 2008. Didn't really start doing anything until 2009. I went in on this vinyl machine with my sister Sinai and we wanted to start our own vinyl cutting business and really had no idea where to start. So I practiced cutting and realized that it has become my PASSION, my other LOVE lol (don't let the hubby know) To me it's has always been something that has been a stress reliever. So why not make some money on the side doing something you LOVE!!! Welcome and I hope I can bring that same kind of passion to you through my vinyl creations. So I have this blog to get my vinyl business out there to the world!!!Wish ME LUCK!!! =) Can not post without a picture. This would be one of the very first things I cut with my machine!!!


Depression & Confession giveaway!


Blog design giveaway at depressionsandconfessions! Full blog makeover, FREE! Please RT! http://bit.ly/9RKFc9

Winner & A new look!

Winner for Talofa Teine Jewelry Giveaway is........
SILIA IONGI from Silly Vinyl
Congratulations she received her prize at the open house :)

I have been totally slacking with my Friday Favorite to updating my CAKE DATES :(
The blog is getting a new FACE LIFT so stay tuned with a lot of new additions!
Thank you to everyone that has ordered from our shop your CAKE PIC's will be up soon
we have been so busy in the shop *I am loving every second of it* again thank you for taking my mind and creativeness to a whole NEW level!

*OPEN house details are coming soon so stay tuned for a sweet ANNOUNCEMENT!*

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