Aub Photography Giveaway!


Tribal Jewelry unlimited giveaway on Aub Photography blog stop by today to enter!!


Talofa Teine Jewelry Giveaway!

Let me just tell you I have amazing talented friends! One of them is Myrna Matina she is the owner and founder of "Talofa Teine Jewelry". Where she sells gorgeous polynesian bracelets, earrings, pendants and more. She is also a talented photographer and baker that sells her yummy gooey cinnamon rolls for $10/dzn! In honor of her new business we are giving away 2 items from her shop to one lucky winner!2 -Tone Barrel Pendant (chain not included) & earrings

For a chance to win:

For more chances to win:
  • Blog, facebook, and/or tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post (just leave an extra comment for each one you do)
  • Add Talofa Teine Jewelry button to your blog scroll *button is on the right hand side of this pg*
  • Become a fan of Talofa Teine Jewelry on Facebook
  • Browse through her shop and leave a comment telling her which one is your favorite item.
Giveaway ends Wednesday 4/29/10 @ midnight!
Winner *if in Utah* will receive their winnings at her open house this Thursday starts @ 6:30-8:30pm
2175 W 300 N Provo, UT


Cake Date: April 10th - Girls 1st Birthday!

Client requested a purple cake with flowers on top *didn't have time to make gumpaste flowers* so I decided to make a 3 tier purple cake.Topper is the birthday girl AMI :)

Cakes: Chocolate W/ sour cream frosting
Covered in MM Fondant
Flowers & Topper: Gumpaste


Friday Favorites!


Friday Favorite-ORSON & GYGI its every Bakers, Chef, Mothers, Sisters, Grandmas HEAVEN IN ONE BIG GORGEOUS BUILDING!! Store for Baking, Cooking supplies, kitchen appliances and more! I got introduced to it by my TALENTED CAKE ARTIST friend Oto from Sugarplum Cakes and man do I hate her for that..;)
I walk into the store to get a couple of items and walk out with spending way more then I anticipated :) If you love cooking or need to find cool baking tools that you can't find at your local craft store stop by at ORSON & GYGI today then come back and tell me what you got!!

What's your favorite BAKING supply store??


Winner for the Skirt Giveaway is....

Congratulations KUUIPO VEA!
Woohoo!sorry bad lighting :(
from Sadie then Ty clothing will be contacting you for your
"Tahitian Bungalow Caracole Skirt!"Thank you to everyone that entered!
Don't forget to stop by

Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorite:
Frugal Deals....

Edible Shimmer dust @ Joannes
From $4.49 to $0.97 cents WOW!
I purchased 10 of them :)

Meadow Gold Whipping Cream@ Harmons
from $5.50 to $0.79 cents WOWSERS!
There was only 3 left.
What Frugal deal have you found?

A Deployment Diary..1st Giveaway!


Ashleigh is an amazing writer.wife. coping with her husband being deployed and expecting their first born IT'S A BOY! If you are an army wife or you feel lonely needing to be uplifted with words of encouragement stop by her blog. She is an amazing writer from coping with a husband that has been deployed and is very proud of what he is doing for our country but, she still reminds us that she is only HUMAN :) She is surrounded by amazing people that love and look up to her through her example I have not had the chance to meet her in person but, I feel like I know her already by reading her DIARY. Follow her on her adventures as becoming a new mom, supportive wife and just one frickin COOL GAL!!!

Visit her blog today and become a follower for a chance to win a $25 gift card to
You Rock Ashleigh!!!

Make it and Love it GIVEAWAY!

I love Make and Love it I visit her blog everyday she is so talented!
Make it and love it has a new sponsor with an AWESOME giveaway become a follower today to enter for a chance to win lovely Draperies or Roman shades from:

Skirt Giveaway!


One thing you will learn about me is that I {heart} fashion! I love creating my own style that says "ME"! I try to do the same thing with my cakes and that is to execute my own personal style.

So if you love fashion & cute little things that are handmade out of love this giveaway is for you! My friend Melanie is so talented she is a seamstress, photographer, mother of 2 which inspired her collection:

"First came Sadie, then Ty. And now they fill my world with happiness and endless inspiration. I am a self taught seamstress and photographer, two hobbies I am very passionate about. I do it all, from start to finish; the pattern construction (unless otherwise specified), the sewing and then the photography"

Melanie is giving away the "Tahitian Bungalow Caracole Skirt" to one lucky winner!Drawing ends Sunday 4/18/10 @ Midnight!

For a chance to win:
  • Become a follower of Ulaila's Cake Shop!
  • Add Sadie then Ty as a favorite seller on her ETSY shop
  • Become a fan of Sadie then Ty on Facebook
  • Leave a message on her FB wall telling her about your Favorite item in her shop
  • Add her button to your blog, website etc. (button on the right hand side)
  • Blog, facebook, and/or tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post (just leave an extra comment for each one you do).


Introducing our Macadamia Clusters from our "GOODIES" bar! (*note that our goodies bar is still under construction please bare with us* )One bite of our chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts you will be begging for more we have mini to standard size boxes. We can also dip them in YUMMY gooey caramel then covered with our rich chocolate that will melt in your mouth! Price list is still in the works but, for now we just wanted to see you go NUTS! ;)

We going to party like its your birthday!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

My friend alexis posted this on her page it is so neat.. So I told myself I deserve to PARTY too..LOL! If you want to party click on the button above:)

My name is Ula I am a mother I have an 8yr old I have been married for almost 9 years WOWSERS! I work a full time job and started my at home business ULAILA'S CAKE SHOP!
I love fashion and Cake decorating I thought putting those 2 together you will get an FASHIONISTA outcome:} I host a lot of giveaways and started a SPOTLIGHT tab to spotlight AWESOME business as well as COOL,& CREATIVE blogs!*if you think your blog is cool send me an email* On Fridays I do a segment on FRIDAY FAVORITES sharing my frugal item for the shop I got for a killer deal, baking tips, to anything that happens in our KITCHEN!

Soon we will be adding our "GOODIES" bar where we sell Oreo truffles, Smore bars & Chocolate covered macadamia nuts! If you love fashion and cake decorating YOU stopped by the right place! You can follow me on my CAKE adventures! I'm so excited to PARTY it up with ya'll!

Friday Favorites!

Is my 2 Kitchenaid's doing what it does best MIX & KNEAD! I know who in their right mind has 2 in their kitchen? I wouldn't but, it plays a big part in my business :) I got the "Hot Mama" for Xmas and then my cute hubby later bought me "BIG MAMA" to have an extra one on hand like the saying goes "To kill 2 birds with one stone". That's exactly what it does for me makes things in my kitchen go a lot smoother without having to wash/rinse and reuse the same bowl for icing,fondant etc. I love them to death and I don't know what I'd do without them!!

I won I won!

My Kids Eye View


Okay, it’s time for a drumroll…

Thanks to all who entered our giveaway! Don’t worry, we have a great offer for all of you, but…the winner is….

**Ula Inouye**


Please contact us ASAP so that we can arrange for your Birthday Party Package!

I was so excited when I found out I won today!! Woohoo check out MY KIDS EYE VIEW & become a follower today!

Make and Love it GIVEAWAY!


Don't you love when you find great ideas for DIY projects ? I do and I fell in love with "Make and Love it" blog she has fun DIY projects to her cute items in her ETSY shop! Right now she is having a giveaway from:
Go enter today and become a follower for a chance to win a watch band!!

Lions,Zebras, Girrafes & Hippos OH MY!!!....

So I got a call from a client (my cousin Joanne Soi hehehe!) asking me if I can make a MADAGASCAR themed cake for her Twins Aryana & Trinity's 2nd birthday party. She told me that Aryana loved Gloria *hippo* and Trinity loved Alex *lion* I was so excited with a lot of things going through my mind I decided to attempt my first Figurines made out of gumpaste/fondant. This is my first time making them and was unhappy with the color on Alex the Lion :( but, overall I thought I did ok for my FIRST :D The main thing is that the client was Happy with the CAKE!
Cake: Chocolate Fudge covered in cream cheese frosting
Sand: Brown Sugar
Waves & Grass: Cream cheese frosting
Characters, Palm Trees, Signs,Samoa crate, & rocks: Gumpaste/Fondant

Date Night Giveaway Winner is......


Renisha Afalava...Yay! She deserves it she had 6 entries pays off to work the hardest :)

Jordan & Mandy Potter Congratulations Potters I hope you enjoy your fun DATE NIGHT!

one more... I was feeling a little generous and thought I pull one more name for 2- Gift Cards for (1 entre'e & drink) @ COSTA VIDA! Still a Dinner Date for 2 and the winner is.....

KUUIPO VEA (queen of Couponing) woohoo! Congratulations- Date night for you and your hubby!

Congratulations Winners! Renisha & Mandy won a $25 gift card and a Costa Vida (1 entre'e & drink) gift card! Please contact me for your winnings- OR FB me REMEMBER YOU HAVE 24 hours to claim your prize or we will choose another winner! Thank you everyone for entering more giveaways coming soon so stay tuned!

Aub Photography Giveaway!

See this gorgeous model her name is Aubrey Taiese she is an amazing photographer and mother(yup she has 3 kids and looks like that) . A month ago she took my daughters pictures for her baptism and they turned out amazing! She is a good friend, talented and just fun to work with ;) Right now she is having a giveaway on her blog gift card for a 8x 10 canvas stop by today and enter! Become a follower and check out her amazing WORK!

Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites : This segment is dedicated to anything from my favorite item, frugal deals, fun announcements/sites, baking tips & More!

So to kick things off for those that know me I am a sucker for deals ;) Yes I am obsessed with coupon shopping, Ebay, KSL, CL, garage sales , thrift stores..I think you get it! Speaking of a deal I found this gorgeous brand new Martha Stewart cake stand on KSL for $10.00!! I thought it was a killer deal now my "Goodies" (Oreo Truffles, Cake Pops & S more bars -pictures coming soon) have a gorgeous place to sit on :)

What favorite deal have you found?

Date Night Giveaway!

Ulaila's Cake Shop wants to send you on a fun date night! *please read instructions carefully to enter giveaway*

We are giving away 2 sets of Gift Cards-

1- Fat Cats $25 Gift Card

1- Costa Vida (1 Entree & Drink) Gift Card

Visit FAT CATS for more info on what you can spend your $25 on!

For a chance to win:
  • Become a follower of Ulaila's Cake Shop!
  • Visit Fat Cats and tell me what your FAVE dish is on the Menu!
  • Blog, facebook, and/or tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post (just leave an extra comment for each one you do).
  • Add Ulaila's Cake shop button to your Blog :)
  • Become a fan of Ulaila's Cakes on FB.
This giveaway ends Monday night (4/5/10) at midnight and the 2 winners will be announced Tuesday morning .

Remember the winners will be getting a $25 Gift Card & a Costa Vida (1 entree & Drink) Gift Card !

Good Luck!

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