Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites : This segment is dedicated to anything from my favorite item, frugal deals, fun announcements/sites, baking tips & More!

So to kick things off for those that know me I am a sucker for deals ;) Yes I am obsessed with coupon shopping, Ebay, KSL, CL, garage sales , thrift stores..I think you get it! Speaking of a deal I found this gorgeous brand new Martha Stewart cake stand on KSL for $10.00!! I thought it was a killer deal now my "Goodies" (Oreo Truffles, Cake Pops & S more bars -pictures coming soon) have a gorgeous place to sit on :)

What favorite deal have you found?


Rachelle said...

love the cake stand! ok, i don't know why but your posts are not updating on my google reader and i keep missing them! dumb google - i will just have to stop relying on that. ok - now that i'm done venting...haha... the last great deal i got was the double stroller i blogged about from ksl - love, love, love ksl - except sometimes i get creeped out going to people's houses to pick stuff up - any tips or tricks on that? love ya!

Inouyes said...

Hmm...that google reader I tell! ;) Oooh love that you found a double stroller you loved on KSL! I agree with you about the whole picking it up from their homes I always tell them to meet me at a different location like the gas station but, I guess in this case where they have to haul that big -O- double stroller to the gas station is NOT THE BUSINESS...LOL! I will figure that one out and get back to you! Luv ya!

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