Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorite-ORSON & GYGI its every Bakers, Chef, Mothers, Sisters, Grandmas HEAVEN IN ONE BIG GORGEOUS BUILDING!! Store for Baking, Cooking supplies, kitchen appliances and more! I got introduced to it by my TALENTED CAKE ARTIST friend Oto from Sugarplum Cakes and man do I hate her for that..;)
I walk into the store to get a couple of items and walk out with spending way more then I anticipated :) If you love cooking or need to find cool baking tools that you can't find at your local craft store stop by at ORSON & GYGI today then come back and tell me what you got!!

What's your favorite BAKING supply store??



Ku'uipo said...

I love Orson too! Most definitley one of my favorites! :)

Saving Obsession said...

Thanks for participating in this weeks Monday Madness! I hope you have a great week!

Micael :D

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