Lions,Zebras, Girrafes & Hippos OH MY!!!....

So I got a call from a client (my cousin Joanne Soi hehehe!) asking me if I can make a MADAGASCAR themed cake for her Twins Aryana & Trinity's 2nd birthday party. She told me that Aryana loved Gloria *hippo* and Trinity loved Alex *lion* I was so excited with a lot of things going through my mind I decided to attempt my first Figurines made out of gumpaste/fondant. This is my first time making them and was unhappy with the color on Alex the Lion :( but, overall I thought I did ok for my FIRST :D The main thing is that the client was Happy with the CAKE!
Cake: Chocolate Fudge covered in cream cheese frosting
Sand: Brown Sugar
Waves & Grass: Cream cheese frosting
Characters, Palm Trees, Signs,Samoa crate, & rocks: Gumpaste/Fondant



You are amazing!!! love it!!! what talent you have

Rachelle said...

um....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! that is some cake. usually people can either sing or do art - looks like you got doubly blessed cuz you can do both. very cool!

alexis said...

wow ula that looks amazing! too cute to eat.

The Guirola-Uyema's said...

I love love love it! Melman is my favorite!

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