Cake Date: April 10th - Girls 1st Birthday!

Client requested a purple cake with flowers on top *didn't have time to make gumpaste flowers* so I decided to make a 3 tier purple cake.Topper is the birthday girl AMI :)

Cakes: Chocolate W/ sour cream frosting
Covered in MM Fondant
Flowers & Topper: Gumpaste



alexis said...

wow, ula! those flowers look amazing. and the little girl on top is so cute.

Kassie said...

Love it sis.. can't wait to see what you come up with for Toa's birthday... I am so grateful you're doing the cake.. oh, and don't worry about his little personal cake, I am going to make that for him myself :)... yay..

TFanene Photography said...

these cakes are just AWESOME ... gettem love ... keep it up!!! cant wait till I make a trip to UTAH .. lol

Christy said...

Love the topper!!! Following you back....anyone that loves cake is a friend of mine!

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